Another breakup,another makeover…

It has only been a month and I have yet again failed to maintain a romantic relationshiop.

As the last four years have been passing it has become harder and harder for me to date anyone while still focusing on my career and dreams.

I love how commited I have managed to stay towards what I consider  ‘My ambitions’ but,can’t help but feel disappointed everytime I have failed to make a relationship work.

One thing I have realised though is that after every breakup,my look has changed.
Why is this I wonder…
#Am I selfloathing?

#Am I resenting myself for being too focused on ‘just me’?

#Do I feel less attrative every time I lose a spouse?

#Do I wish to make ‘him’ regret my presence?

Whatever the reason may be…


Me in the year(2014)


After my breakup with…


This was my first real romantic relation to an actual guy.Kashief was a Sports Star-a Soccer Player.He was quite popular in the neighbourhood and the girls eyes were always glued to his presence.
During this time I had no interest in clothing styles or anything that had to do with beauty regimes whatsoever.I was’nt paying as much attention to my looks as he did to his.

Kashief and I was quite the opposites.He was more of your modern metro-sexual kind of guy-real trendy,while I was more of the tracksuit wearing tomboy kind of gal.

We finally called it quits after 3years of being together.I wasn’t able to forgive him for cheating on me-with my cousin…

I was in a place of resentment.I had to do something to lift my spirit and I finally got a Makeover.Was a really drastic change and looking back on it now all I can say is,what the hell was I thinking?

I went from wearing ponytails and tracksuits to rocking Frizzy curls with diamond chokers on satin sweaters-a real diva!
Me in the year(2014)


After my breakup with…


When I met Grant I had become more accustomed to the world of Fashion.I always looked dressed to impress,in style,sexy and confident.

Grant was the kind of guy who liked that about me.He is a Romantic by heart and sure knows how to treat a lady.I was really happy,but Grant soon confessed to me he was still in love with his Ex…

Why is this happening to me?Am I not good enough?What did I do wrong?These are the questions that ran through my mind.Pooohffff there went Confident Rosy…

I suddenly didn’t feel so good anymore.My confidence and self-esteem almost hit rock bottom until I decided, to once again,make a change…

I got a haircut-a fresh bob,downgraded my style to a more natural ‘girl next door’ look and I was on my way to making a stellar recovery from heartbreak.

Me in the year(2016)


After my breakup with…


By the time I met Jermaine I had been single for almost an entire year.I have learned a lot from my previous realtionships and felt a lot more confident to deal with relationship problems.

I mean what could be worse than being cheated on with your cousin and getting dumped for an Ex?

Nevermind worse…Jermaine suffers from depression.a Discovery I made very soon after we reached a more intimate place in our relationship. Jermaine always had a tendency to say and do mean things that hurt my character.He was making remarks towards How I dress and how I looked.

It wasn’t good for me-he wasn’t good for me.He had to go!

I don’t know if what he said about how I dress and how I looked really affected me because just after that I once again got a Makeover.

This time I opted for a more bolder look and changed my haircolour to Strawberry Blonde.I traded my heels and designer labelled clothes for more subtle retail everyday worn jeans and t-shirts.
Me in the current year(2017)


After my ‘just recent’ breakup with…


Dating Cameron is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me.Meeting him has taught me what Selflove really means.I could walk around all day with no make-up or be plumped up like a Rose and he would appreciate either.

Now I am more assertive in my lifechoices.I no longer think ,but know I love Fashion.I’m a Creative.I love everything beauty and my Style is what I want it to be…

I really messed things up with Cameron.I was scared-it felt too good to be true and I sabotaged the one thing that added the most value to my self discoverance and life.

Although I know it’s not necessary I changed my haircolour and entire wardrobe when Cameron and I broke up,not because I was trying to impress him or anything,but because this is who I truely am.

I have black hair,I love getting dressed up and looking sexy.I love makeup,not to cover up anything but to enhance the true beauty I already know I have.

With this post I wish to remind every woman that beauty is what you choose it to be and not what others prescribes it to be.What you as a woman love and how you love it is what describes true beauty at its best.So go get a Makeover.

Not because you have to but because,you Deserve it!Love yourself…its the only person you can depend on.

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